Thursday, May 1, 2014

Blog Post # 11

My PLP and PLN:

I have developed a Personal Learning Network through this class that will extend beyond its completion. That is exciting to me. I had not used Twitter before, and now it has allowed me to get quick updates from professionals from all over, swapping ideas and helping me to continually evaluate my practices and procedures, tweak when necessary, and always stay focused on being the best educator that I can be. The teachers that I have followed this semester are a big part of that network, Deb Frazier and Wes Fryer being the two biggest influences (one because she also teaches 1st grade and inspires me, and the other because he has constant new posts and great ideas of incorporating technology seamlessly into education). I also follow fellow educators from the county I teach in and my school. I love that parents and other teachers can follow me and see what my students are doing in the classroom as well. Twitter isn't only a great tool for developing a PLN, but also it's a great quick communication tool to stay connected with parents, etc.

My Professional Learning Plan is constantly evolving. I of course intend to complete my degree as a media specialist, which will open doors for me in that field. At the same time, I want to remain focused on improving as a classroom educator, since that's currently where I am. I intend to build a class blog for my students for next school year. Some assignments will allow for a more flipped classroom approach, and will help the parents to understand in a deeper way what we are covering in class (in particular writing and math). I intend to attend a 'Bring Your Own Device' seminar this summer offered through the MCPSS. I want to better utilize the devices that are brought to my classroom next year. That will involve time spent researching Apps, etc.

So, yes, I have both a PLN and a PLP, both of which are continuing to expand and grow as I do!

Bring your own device

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