Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Project #3 Presentation

Opening slide of my presentation


  1. Awesome job on your presentation! Your presentation was very well done and really gave a thoroughly review of Project Based Learning. Most importantly, the videos were great!

  2. Hi Mary

    I really liked your presentation. The slides went a little fast so I didn't get a chance to read everything that you had unless I paused the slide show. Nevertheless, it was a lot of information and I think it will be very useful for a new teacher. It was definitely better than mine because it had more information whereas I had more links to places where you could find out more information. Two different approaches that I believe are both worthy of checking out. Excellent post!

  3. So you found Anthony's comments to be useful enough to include in your presentation. Great!

    Your suggestion to collaborate is an excellent addition.

    Well done. Thanks.