Wednesday, April 2, 2014

ALEX Assignment

1) Here is a link to my ALEX personal workspace. My username is mpouliot.

2)Mental Math Lesson Plan: This is a lesson plan that focuses on increasing the understanding of using the 100's chart as a tool to see double digit numbers and increasing or decreasing in units or 10. Ex: what is 10 more than 27? What is 20 less than 45? Etc. Here is a link to that lesson.

3)Adjectives Lesson Plan: This is a lesson plan that has students competing to sort adjectives into four different categories- color, size, shape, or kind. The students will first have to locate the adjectives from simple sentences like "The pink pig is fat." (Pink and Fat) and then they would either work together or compete to place these adjective words in the correct category. It seems like fun! Her is a linkto that lesson plan.

4) 1st grade Alabama Course of Study Objectives for English/Language Arts: Here is the link to the E/LA 1st grade standards. From here you can search what needs to be taught throughout the year, as well as peruse lots of different pre made lesson plans and interactive web resources. You would need to check your school systems quarterly pacing guides to see what objectives should be taught when for where you teach, but the resources and materials area available here to assist you with planning throughout the year.

5) 1st grade Alabama Course of Study Objectives for Math: Here is the linkto the Math 1st grade standards. Much like the E/LA standards, this is a comprehensive list of all the math objectives that you'd need to teach for 1st grade. Again, check the individual pacing guides for your school system, but this resource offers abundant resources (lesson plans, interactive websites, videos, etc.) to assist you as you teach the concepts throughout the year.

6) Technology Education Standard: The Technology Education standards are from 2009, and are divided up into chunks. I will highlight the K-2 standards, because I'm focusing on 1st grade. Here is a link to the list of standards. Each standard has lesson plan examples available for you to search, bookmark, and use. There are also interactive websites, PowerPoints, videos, etc. for many as well. This is a good tool to use when planning for incorporating technology into your lesson plans. Technology should really be a seamlessly integrated part of all lessons though, but when it's necessary to evidence in your plans that a particular tech. standard has been covered, this is a good resource.

screen shot of my ALEX personal workspace welcome page

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  1. I cannot access your ALEX work page because I do not have your password. Nor do I want it. I want you to post the same .pdfs required on ALEX on your own web site created with Google sites.