Thursday, April 17, 2014


April 11, 2014

The first child I visited from Pt. England was L.J. He wrote about enjoying playing a math game, but being sad that he'd missed out on swimming lessons because he'd forgotten his togs. I introduced myself with my response and asked him, "What are togs, anyway?" :)

Here is his post and my response.

The next child I visited was Eva. She also wrote about swimming. She mentioned that one thing they learned while swimming was to kick with straight legs because it will help you to move faster. I introduced myself to her in my response and told her that I tend to kick my legs like a frog. No wonder I never win a swim race, I said! :)

Here is her post and my response.

The last child I visited this week was Tevita. He has created an informative slide show on o'possums using Goodle Drive. I think it's wonderful, what he created. It was a simple 5 slide presentation, and it discussed how where he lives these critters are considered pests because there are so many of them, yet in other places (because of a higher number of natural predators) they aren't a bother. I congratulated him on that comparison and on explaining why in one are there is a difference (because of the predators). That's a great skill, and a big Common Core push-- to be able to support your claim with evidence. I encouraged him to keep up the good work.

Here is a link to his post and my response.


April 17, 2014

The first student whose blog I visited today was Tavake. He had an animated short (about 30 seconds) where he voiced over the life cycle of a butterfly. I introduced myself to him and told him that I'd recently taught the lifecycle of a butterfly to my students and that I'd have to show them his video. I asked if he'd created the illustrations as well.

Here is his post and my response.

Stacey had created a very similar animation. I do think they created the illustrations themselves, which is pretty awesome. I commented a similar encouraging response to her as I did to Tavake. Stacey had also included exciting music near the end of the movie, and I complimented that as well.

Here is her post and my response.

Leilani was a younger student who did a video presentation telling a story about her friend Herold the giraffe. I told her I enjoyed her story and that I taught 6-7 year old children and that I thought they would enjoy doing a similar project as well.

Here is her post and my response.


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