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C4T Assigned

C4T Assigned #5, March 12, 2014

It looks like Dr. Fryer presented to an older group about the benefits of technology use in the youth today. This group, perhaps, is too nostalgic, scared, or bitter to appreciate the increased technology use of the youth of today. He tried to sway that view though, by challenging them to recognize how technology allows for collaboration, creation, and connections that wouldn't be possible otherwise. I asked him how his message was received? I wonder if it is a topic that is already decided on, or if they were willing to be open minded and if so did anyone share that their opinions have changed? Will they reconnect with their grandchildren via technology now, instead of view it as the great dividing presence separating them from having the connection they'd dreamed they'd have?

Here is the link to his post and my comment.

an older generation using technology

C4T Assigned #6, March 22, 2014

Dr. Fryer discussed a connected web experience where he and his wife connected with other students and teachers from Tanzania and New York by using Google's connected classrooms. They discussed the global water crisis. I thought this was a timely post for me personally because my son's teacher is setting up just such an experience for them to take place next week. They will video conference with students from New Jersey to share different local traditions. We will share about Mardi Gras, and I'm waiting to hear what they will share about. I was really excited when she told me about it yesterday after school because she said to prepare for it the class discussed Mardi Gras and it's origins and all. This led to a discussion about Lent, which many of the students nor she knew much about. My son is Catholic, so she asked him to tell about it. The responses she said he shared made me so excited! He was able to discuss Ash Wednesday, Lenten sacrifices, the 'why' behind it, what he personally is doing for Lent, preparation for Easter, etc. When I shared this with my husband he mentioned that there are lots of Catholics in NJ, so perhaps this will be brought up then and they can relate, which would be neat for my son (and his teacher/peers) to see how universal Catholicism and Lent are, while at the same time teaching them about Mardi Gras.

Here is link to his post and my response.


C4T Assigned #7

Dr. Fryer discussed BYOD for his church, and how when they meet he prefers to have paperless notes, etc. He asked if there was anything other than dropbox that we could suggest for sharing files. I mentioned i-cloud and having a shared network, like what we have at my school. There is a shared staff drive, but the only thing is, the teachers have to go to it, versus having the documents come to them like in an e-mail. It requires that everyone check it, etc.

Here is a link to my response to his post.

C4T Assigned #8

In this post, Dr. Fryer showed how to use Apple T.V. mirroring, with step by step instructions. It is a very helpful and succinct informative post. I commented that while we don't have this in our classrooms yet, I hope that one day we will. When I did a week long library internship recently at a private high school, I was able to use this when presenting to some classes. It was a great teaching/learning tool!

Here is a link to my post.

apple t.v. mirroring with i-pad

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