Tuesday, April 8, 2014

C4T Rotating

C4T Rotating #5, March 12, 2014

I totally related with the post that I just read and commented on this week. The teacher's blog post title was "Always on the Clock" and she brought up a different aspect of teaching. It's the aspect of always having to be mindful of the fact that you are no longer anonymous. Going out to eat with pony tail hair and yoga pants doesn't disguise you. More than likely, you will run into one or more student/parent and have to have a conversation with them, even if you feel grungy and would rather just not. It is something that I have experienced before as well. I teach in the town where I live, and I do run into students and families that I have previously taught or am currently teaching quite frequently. For me, I'm not too bothered by this. I try not to wear 'masks' so I generally wouldn't be wearing or doing anything that I would be mortified for others to see me doing; but I do relate. It's nice to be off the clock sometimes, and with our mini-celebrity like status, it can seem like paparazzi at times, when we really are feeling crabby or unkempt and there we go running into another family. Haha!


C4T Rotating #6, March 22, 2014

I visited Ms. She's blog, the teacher of the students whose blogs I visited this week for my 3 C4K blogging assignment. It's cool to see the teacher blogging as well as encouraging the students to do so. She wrote about how she'd given the students the tools and time to create, and while she worked to record one student, another snapped a picture of her working with the student, making her the story. It was neat to see her reflection, and remember that you never know when a student is watching and learning from you, even when you're not officially teaching a lesson, you are teaching. Through words, actions, etc. It's a good reminder to make sure you're always trying to be loving and patient and encouraging, because you're always being watched and remembered by your young students.

Here is a link to my response to her post.

C4T Rotating #7

This week I commented on Scott McLeod's "Dagerously Irrelevant" blog. He pointed out how negatively worded many technology plans are for schools. He suggested that they reword these plans to show positive actions. Instead of "Do not x, y, z." That it could better be written, "Do use resources to make a positive impact, etc."

Here is my response to his post.

C4T Rotating #8

This week I visited Dr. Will's blog and saw videos about flipped professional development. It was interesting to see and think about. One of the comments to this post suggested that older teachers who are more unfamiliar with technology would benefit from this method of introducing technology because they would be able to learn at their convenience and alone, feeling less intimidated. I wondered if this were accurate or not? I also noticed that she said she was from Mobile, AL and that we have not incorporated technology and that is a reason she will be looking elsewhere for a job. I countered her claim with my response, giving evidence of ways that I have seen and participated in a growing use of technology in our public schools. I don't like that our school system was presented as if we have no technology use. That's simply a grossly misguided statement. It is true that we need to incorporate more and I hope to see that happening (and am optamistic that I will); but to state that there is no technology use is misleading and false; so I was pleased I saw this and had an opportunity to present a different view of out school system (backed up with examples of from my personal experience).

Here is a link to the post and my response.

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