Tuesday, April 29, 2014

C4T Rotating #10

C4T rotating #10

Shelly Terrell posted an interesting blog about presenting learning as if it were a video game. We know that students spend significant amounts of time weekly pursuing video gaming goals. They will persevere even after failed attempts at challenges, etc. Thus, it makes sense to present material, homework, assessments, etc. as a gaming challenge. Beat this boss, earn these points, etc. when you do this task (what you would normally assign as homework, but digitally) and then the students are more motivated to participate in that learning. It sounds interesting. I told her so in my response and wondered how the assessments looked, traditional with paper/pencil or electronic to go more with the gaming theme, etc?

Here is her post and my response.

child playing a video game

I could't find a rotating list for this week (ending on 4-29), so I'll publish this as is. Thanks! MAP

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