Tuesday, April 8, 2014

C4K #2

March 22, 2014

Today I visited blog posts from second grade students from Pt. England school. They had created stories and added video of themselves explaining or reading it as well. Melina wrote a 'Fitness Story' and when describing it she used lots of similes, like "At fitness time, I jump like a frog." As a first grade teacher, I strive to have my students include similes in their writing, and I shared that with her. I asked if she did the same, and said I'm sure she was great at that.

Here is a link to my response to her blog.

Punaiuru did a story about going to the park to play with her cousin. I told her that the weather here is becoming spring like after a colder than normal winter and that she has me wanting to go play at the park now. I encouraged her to keep up the good writing because you never know who you'll inspire, like she has inspired me to go out and play at the park with her latest story.

Here is a link to my response to her blog post.

Danielle wrote a story describing Harold the Giraffe. I told her I appreciated her good use of adjectives, and that I encourage my first graders to use lots of describing words in their writing as well.

Here is a link to my response to her post.


C4K March 26, 2014

The students from Pt. England whose blogs I visited today have been blogging for a few years now and you can tell! Just the set up and backgrounds for their pages are more personalized and busy, and of course they're older and can respond more with their posts, etc. It's neat to see that progression.

The first child I visited was Sarona. She wrote about cyclones. I told her about hurricanes and how they can affect us here on the Gulf Coast. Here is a link to that post.

Lotu was a student who wrote about swimming and areas in which she knew she needed to improve. It was great to see her self reflect and analyze like that, pinpointing what specific things she needs to do to get better. I encouraged her to keep up the good work and affirmed that with hard work, success comes. Here is a link to my response on her blog.

Flora had a simple post about setting academic goals for writing and math for the week. I encouraged her to work towards them. I also commented on her pretty art that she'd posted. It had musical symbols with polka dots. I asked if she enjoyed music and if she played an instrument. It wasn't listed as a goal for the week, but maybe it is something she works on as well. Here is a link to my response to her post.

C4K April 8, 2014

Again this week I am visiting the blog posts of students from Pt. England school. They have been blogging for 2-3 years now.

The first child I visited was Hannah. She created a short animated film (18 seconds) on "empathy" using Hyperstudio and imovie. It's really exciting to see that she was able to do this at such a young age! I told her so and that I look forward to seeing what else she creates.

Here is the link to her video and my comment.

The second child was Jalen. Jalen wrote about learning to swim. I told Jalen that where we live is close to a large body of water, the Gulf of Mexico, and I asked if he could find it on a map. I also shared that our summer weather was hot, and many people had pools for outside fun during the summer. I told him that swimming is not part of our P.E. curriculum, but that it sounded great that he and his friends were learning to swim for safety reasons as well as exercise and fun.

Here is a link to my response to his post.

The third child was Zane. Zane was doing a book review/opinion writing on "Big Nate" which is a graphic novel written for his age in comic strip style. My son, who is in 4th grade, has recently been reading and enjoying this series. I told him so, and suggested he check out "Calvin and Hobbs" as well, because it is similar humor. I asked if he thought 1st grade students would enjoy "Big Nate" yet?

Here is a link to my response to his post.

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