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C4T My Choice

C4T My Choice, #5, March 12, 2014

This week Deb posted about a March Writing Everyday Challenge that she and 17 or her 21 students have opted to take. I'm excited to see what she shares. Also, she gave a teaser to look for more information to come soon about a recent professional development conference that she attended discussing small group math activities for young students. I can not wait to read more about that. I want to do more of that in my classroom, and am interested to hear her advice and tips.

teacher working one on one with a student

C4T My Choice #6, March 22, 2014

This week Deb spoke about the blessing of working with peers who support you and make coming to school a delight. It inspired me to be a better friend/supportive peer teacher to my team as well. The school family can be a powerful thing. It sounds like she has a great team. Mine can be pretty solid as well, but I am still inspired to do even more now because I see how impacting it can be. It can help establish an atmosphere that is positive and more conducive for supporting and teaching students as well. We can make a difference in little ways, every day.

Here is a link to her blog and my response.

C4T My Choice #7

This week Deb had an amazing post! It was all about math centers for first graders. It was long, it had many resources, and it made my 1st grade math brain spin in a good way. I intend to save this link and revisit several times. I will likely share it with my 1st grade peer teachers as well.

Here is a link to her post and my response.

C4T My Choice #8

This week Deb wrote about being sick and away from school, and how the students can show you what they've learned by writing posts still. How cool that the teacher and students can still be connected with technology even when they are separated by sickness. That is a neat aspect to technology that I hadn't thought of before. She wrote of other silver lining moments to being sick as well, but that one really struck me as being one that used technology in a powerful way in the classroom and beyond.

Here is her positive post and my response to it.

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